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New Year, New Athleisure Wear

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by Jessie Wiener

At Davy Piper, we name our products to honor the brave women who inspire us every day to be our best. The new year is a natural opportunity to reevaluate what “our best” means and what we can do to achieve it. It’s a chance to make some positive changes - something we could all use after a year like 2020. 

One thing that always seems to help us feel better is being more active. Getting outside and moving for even 10-15 minutes can make a huge difference. A walk, run, or hike can pick us up almost immediately. We also love a great virtual exercise class, and there are tons of wonderful options out there right now!

online yoga

Fabulous workout clothes can be incredibly motivating, but it can be tough to find comfortable performance gear. We wanted to bring the comfort we crave to workout clothes, so we created an activewear line using super-soft, durable, luxe fabrics for ultimate comfort and functionality.

Below you’ll find an overview of some of our favorite athleisure garments. For help picking your perfect workout clothes, reach out to our Customer Care Team.

sports bra and leggings

For a great workout, you’ll need a supportive bra, and we have two incredible options for you: The Diana Classic Sports Bra and The Valentina High Support Sports Bra. We love Diana for lower-impact workouts and Valentina for higher-impact ones.

Whether you're going on a hike, stretching after a long day, or just being active, you'll fall in love with Diana. Perfect for lower-impact activities like yoga and hiking, she’s made of breathable, moisture-wicking material that will keep you dry and comfortable throughout your workout. (Check out our cost-saving Wash Wear Spare Diana Classic Sports Bra Bundle!)

affordable sports bras

Valentina supports, compresses, and lifts to help you reach your workout goals. She’s a performance sports bra with sleek molded cups to separate and support your breasts, as well as ventilation holes between the cups to keep you cool and comfortable. Her front-adjustable ladder straps allow you to customize your fit.

high impact sports bra

Both of our wireless sports bras look great with our gorgeous line of leggings. A classic pair of leggings is a wardrobe staple, especially for women who love athleisure wear. They’re comfortable, cute, and versatile (equally perfect for working from home, exercising, and running errands). With three different lengths, we’ve got a pair of leggings for all your fitness needs! 

Each style features the same rich fabric that’s buttery soft, lightweight, and barely-there while also being durable and opaque. It never loses its shape even if you wear the leggings every day, which we know you will! 

Our leggings all have a stretchy, ultra-high waist panel that reaches up to the underbust; keep the waistband up for extra coverage and compression and fold it down for extra support. 

All of our high rise leggings also come in two styles: Classic Style or Pocket Style. If you choose Pocket Style, you’ll have extra-large pockets big enough for your cell phone, keys, and other essentials.

capri leggings

Not too short, not too long, The Francesca Capri Leggings are just right. Her cute capri cut comes just past your knees, perfect for those who want more coverage than bike shorts but less than full-length leggings. She’s made of premium material designed to mold to your body, and she won’t bunch up. 

cropped legging

The Martina Cropped Leggings are your leggings dream come true. So versatile and comfortable you may never want to take her off, she’s specifically engineered to hug your curves. Her cropped length means Martina looks just as cute with flats as she does with sneakers (or slippers!).

full length legging

The Louisa High-Waisted Leggings are our longest leggings. The full-length cut, reaching just below your ankles, accommodates so many different body shapes and sizes. Louisa is sleek, stylish, and super-soft, and she’s versatile enough for exercise, lounging, and dressing up.

Whether you choose Louisa or her equally comfortable “little” sisters, we know you’ll love our leggings family as much as we do. Since they’re perfect as performance wear and loungewear, we at Davy Piper live in these leggings!

For more personal assistance in choosing your ultra-comfortable activewear, please reach out to our Customer Care Team

help picking workout clothes

Our sports bras and leggings look good and feel good so that you can reach your fitness goals. We hope our new activewear line brings you as much stylish comfort and support as it brings us - and we hope it’s just what you need to start the new year on the right foot! 

After a year like 2020, what are some small steps you can take each day or week to help you get moving? Please comment below!