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Our Secret Weapon for Summer Dresses

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Hot weather is here, and if you’re a lady gifted with “powerful” thighs, we know how unbearable thigh chafe can be. 

That feeling like your thighs have been suctioned together? Yeah, we know it well.

It can make wearing your favorite summer dresses so much less enjoyable. Who likes literally unsticking their legs when they’re trying to enjoy a barbecue? Answer: No one. 

Lottie maxi dress

Luckily, we’ve got a solution to ensure you can enjoy all of your skirts and dresses this summer. Meet the perfect undergarment: the Bamboo Thigh Saver

We named it “Saver” for a reason. This long leg underwear does exactly as it claims, saving your thighs from all the clammy sweat that comes along with summertime fun. 

No rub bamboo fabric thigh saver panty

This Iong legged panty can be worn with your favorite dresses and skirts. We also love it as a bike short under shorter dresses for extra coverage.

Made from bamboo fabric, this super comfortable underwear keeps your thighs cool while eliminating the sticky-thigh dilemma. 

Now, we know it can seem a little impractical to add more layers in the summer, but trust us, this longer panty is worth it. Its cooling fabric is lightweight and breathable, and it reaches to the middle of the thigh, helping it stay in place (you won’t have to do a shimmy to adjust this thigh saver!). 

Did we mention it’s also seamless? Yup. No panty lines. 

Lottie Maxi Dress Black

We know it’s important to be your very best self this summer, and here at Davy Piper, we’re providing you with the best intimates to do just that. 

So go ahead and try this life hack – and get ready to stay breezy!