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The Number One Wireless Bra for 2022

best wire-free bras

best wireless bras


A lot of us are trying to streamline our wardrobes, keeping only essential items that are well made, functional, and timeless. A great relaxed tee, wide-leg jeans, and comfy undies are mandatory for your capsule closet. So is the perfect bra, but finding it can feel nearly impossible. 

The best wireless bra

What if we told you we found the wireless bra to end all of your searches? A no-stress, no-fuss, my-boobs-look-fabulous-in-everything bra. Guess what? We did. Meet Everly, the molded cup T-shirt bra that lifts your boobs and provides blissful comfort. Available in 30B-46J, this comfortable wireless bra fits a variety of sizes, including Busty. 

We know Davy Piper fans have been asking for shaping padding that stays in place. And we know it can be pretty frustrating to fiddle with breast pads every time you wash your bra. So we took your favorite elements from our best-selling Nellie Wireless Bra and made a contoured, molded cup bra with the sewn-in cups you’ve been wanting and the Davy Piper band support you’ve been loving. The Everly Wireless Bra is simple perfection. 

busty t shirt bra

Ever start the morning staring at your top drawer wondering “What bra can I survive my day in?” Getting dressed shouldn’t require a painful choice between comfort and cuteness. With this supportive wire-free bra, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

The Everly is an everyday bra that lifts and separates without digging and causing pain. This perfect wireless bra has a plunge neckline that works under a variety of tops. Pair it with your favorite tank top, T-shirt, or work blouse. Be carefree when you wear your V-necks. The options are limitless thanks to its chic design. Plus, it has a “ballet” style back for a sleek silhouette and multiple hook options so you can find your perfect fit. 

best t shirt bra

If we could only wear one bra every day this would be it. It checks all the boxes for a daily bra and takes care of your boobs the way a bra should, comfortably and confidently. We dare you to level up your bra collection with the Everly, the perfect upgrade for blissful comfort.