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The Davy Piper Gift Guide

The perfect gifts are always the ones you can’t put a price tag on – the home-cooked lasagna you brought over for dinner, the time you held down the fort so she could catch a nap, the surprise bag of coffee you brought over when she’d run out of it, the day you spent running all her errands, or that piece of well-timed advice that was just the right solution to her crisis.  But it still feels so good to choose the perfect gifts, wrap them beautifully, and present them to the amazing women who mean so much to us - especially when we get to pamper those who often forget to treat themselves.  To help make your shopping even...

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The Carol Racerback Bra: Comfort and Easy-Wearing.

Meet Carol. She’s strong, independent, and wildly unapologetic. Yes, we’re talking about a bra, but also about a person.  The Davy Piper Carol Racerback Bra was appropriately named after a fierce and fearless lady who has personally inspired our team to live more boldly.  Despite living most of her life with debilitating arthritis, Carol was able to raise her children as a single mother in the 50s and 60s. By her family’s account, she did so with unearthly grace, love, and minimal complaining. She even felt called to stand up for women’s rights issues in the same era as Betty Friedan and Katherine G Johnson. Her life was filled with overcoming hardship, yet she still lived it on her terms —...

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