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The Davy Piper Gift Guide

The perfect gifts are always the ones you can’t put a price tag on – the home-cooked lasagna you brought over for dinner, the time you held down the fort so she could catch a nap, the surprise bag of coffee you brought over when she’d run out of it, the day you spent running all her errands, or that piece of well-timed advice that was just the right solution to her crisis.  But it still feels so good to choose the perfect gifts, wrap them beautifully, and present them to the amazing women who mean so much to us - especially when we get to pamper those who often forget to treat themselves.  To help make your shopping even...

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The Glenna High-Waist Legging: the Only Leggings You Need!

Leggings are awesome! Few women would dispute that. We also know, however, that all leggings are NOT created equal.  That’s why the Glenna High-Rise Legging is such an important product in our Davy Piper line. She’s the legging all other leggings strive to be with her ultra comfortable fit, fashionable look, and durable fabric that stretches wherever you need her to. Without trying too hard, she’s simply the best, most comfortable legging out there. In other words, the Glenna legging is as dependable as the woman she was named after. And here’s how:  Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl who desperately longed for stability in her home life. She was 8 years old when her dad...

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