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The Davy Piper Gift Guide

The perfect gifts are always the ones you can’t put a price tag on – the home-cooked lasagna you brought over for dinner, the time you held down the fort so she could catch a nap, the surprise bag of coffee you brought over when she’d run out of it, the day you spent running all her errands, or that piece of well-timed advice that was just the right solution to her crisis.  But it still feels so good to choose the perfect gifts, wrap them beautifully, and present them to the amazing women who mean so much to us - especially when we get to pamper those who often forget to treat themselves.  To help make your shopping even...

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The Patsy High-Waisted Panties: Your Search is Over.

Granny panties. They have a bad rap as being outdated and unflattering. Still, their comfort level is unmatched by any other panty style. That’s exactly why Davy Piper felt the call to add flare to this high-waisted trend with The Patsy High-Waisted Panties, also known as the most comfortable and stylish underwear you’ll ever own! Made out of ultra-stretchy fabric, our Patsy Panties conform to your body without the rub, sag, or dig of other high-waisted underwear brands. What’s more, they also don’t sacrifice looks. The lacy, full-coverage panty is sophisticated and beautiful from every angle — a lot like another Patsy we know.  The Patsy High-Waisted Panties’ namesake is a woman whose story cuts you to the core, yet...

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