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The Beverly Tank with Built-In Bra: Supportive Layering Dream Tank.

It’s a bra, it’s a tank...it’s Beverly! 

OK, so maybe our superman reference comes off a little corny, but if you knew Beverly, you’d understand the relevance. To bring you up to speed, let me tell you a little bit about the woman behind The Beverly Tank with Built-In Bra.

In real life, Beverly is super in all she does. Full of talent, fearlessness, and brimming with generosity, Beverly has gone through life leaving countless gifts in her wake. She was a teacher by trade, but also by passion. When her four kids reached school age, the fearless mother went back to school herself to become an educator. She had found her calling in the classroom, and continued teaching neighborhood kids the joys of gingerbread making and knitting well into her retirement years. Her knitting, in fact, was one of her superpowers, as Beverly spent hundreds of hours knitting blankets for children in need. And now, at 90 years old, she still drives a red mustang convertible — proving she’s super in coolness, too!

Our Davy Piper tank with built-in bra has so many features in common with real-life Beverly. As a product, the Beverly bra tank is pulling double duty. The bra’s shelf is strong enough to support your bust, and the extra-long tank is generous enough to cover all the way to the hip. As many reviews state, it’s a versatile bra that gives incredible support to multiple areas of the body. This is what one reviewer had to say about this super supportive tank top bra: 

“I love the stretchy material because it holds in my stomach and my breasts. Because of the way this top hugs my body, it is great for wearing under clothes, during exercise, and even swimming!”

Learn more about Beverly’s look and generous features here.