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The Nellie Simply Wireless Bra: Your New Everyday Bra.

When discussing what to name one of our most beloved Davy Piper products, our full-coverage wireless bra, it was kind of a no-brainer. We’d first heard about Nellie from a Kindred Bravely team member, who described this mother-of-eight as an unconditional lover of children. Having six kids biologically and gaining two through adoption, Nellie accepted her calling to motherhood by exemplifying what it means to love without limits. She adored each of her eight children with a fiercity only other mothers understand, and she did it outside the wires of blood. I guess you could say she was wireless in her love, completely and utterly devoted to the children placed in her care. It didn’t matter how they got there. 

What’s even more remarkable about Nellie is her loyalty to this motherly love despite other hardships, including having to bury her biological daughter and suffering through Parkinson’s Disease. Through it all, she continued to embody the grace and simplicity that had always defined her. 

That simple, yet unrelenting support is exactly how we designed the Nellie Simply Wireless Bra. To put it simply, she’s everything women desire from an every-day bra: full-coverage, strong, and made from ultra-soft (93 percent Nylon and 7 percent Spandex) fabrics. Even without wires, she’s a completely and utterly supportive bra to the ones placed in her care. And we hope you’ll get there!

Learn more about Nellie and her sizing options here.