Davy Piper’s story is the story of women. As a female-majority team, we understand the unique qualities that make women shine. Qualities we hope to inspire through our clothes. We ourselves have been inspired by countless women in our lives. Women who have been leaders in their workplace or communities, have fought against disease and disabilities, or have overcome unimaginable loss. Some of them are mothers, grandmothers, or stepmothers. Some of them are wives or widows. Some of them are old, some are young, and some are somewhere in between. They all have different stories, yet they all have the same story: They have triumphantly sought to leave the world better than they found it.

That is the story of Davy Piper. Our founder, Deeanne Akerson, saw a need for comfortable clothes that were also beautiful. Apparel that gives unapologetic confidence so the woman wearing it can boldly become the woman she wants to be. What you wear should enhance your journey, not hinder it.

At Davy Piper, we honor the brave women who inspire us every day to be our best. Women you will learn about through each of our products. Women we know and women we don’t know. Women like us and women like you.

A Business Built on Love

Our Roots

It all began when Deeanne, our co-founder/CEO, was nursing her one-year-old and couldn’t find a comfortable and cute pair of pajamas. She decided to design her own – a simple idea that became something extraordinary.

Our Mission

We have two goals: creating maternity and nursing clothes that are beautiful, useful, and comfortable, and building a community of moms who support and encourage each other on the motherhood journey.

Our Name

As moms, we have to stick together, which is where “Kindred” comes from. And “Bravely”? Well, being a mom can be tough. It’s not for the faint of heart. It takes courage—bravery—to be a mom.

Our Team

As a mom of two wonderful young boys, I can’t possibly count the joys motherhood has brought to my life: sweet snuggles, cozy moments, and love beyond what I ever knew to be possible.

But in this fast-paced world, it’s so easy to feel discouraged, like we’re not measuring up to all the moms out there who seem to be doing everything perfectly.

Can I tell you a secret? You’re doing a wonderful job. You may not always feel like you are, but I know you’re doing your best. You’re good enough; you’re fun enough; you’re smart enough. You are enough.