We were over ill-fitting bras that dig, rub, and irritate. Bras we couldn’t wait to rip off at the end of the day. So we decided to do something about it.

We’re Davy Piper, a female-led company committed to making undergarments that women actually want to wear. Because we understand comfort on a whole other level. 

We’re dedicated to making bras that are comfortable, supportive, and wire-free. Bras for the hard-to-fit sizes. Because, busty ladies, we see you (and your spillage, and the straps that dig into your shoulders, and the fabrics that scratch your most sensitive areas). We aim to make bras that work for you – not ones that make you work. 

Davy Piper’s mission is to support women – and their girls ;) – and as women, we understand the unique qualities that make women shine. We’ve been inspired by countless women in our lives. Women who have been leaders in their workplaces or communities. Women who have fought against hardships. Women who have overcome unimaginable losses. These inspiring – and inspired – women are at the heart of many of our product names, and they drive us to provide ultimate comfort to the women around us who deserve it all.

We pride ourselves on having a team from all walks of life, and these differences have helped us create truly unique products. We work hard to innovate and test, poring over every design decision in our quest to make intimates that are as comfortable and flattering as possible.

We focus on creating durable styles with ultra-soft fabrics, full-coverage fits, flattering silhouettes, wire-free lift, and a more inclusive size range. 

The love we’ve poured into our growing bra line is also reflected in our great-fitting underwear that sits where it’s supposed to without pinching, our ultra-comfy loungewear you’ll want to wear around the clock, and our busty swimwear made especially for those with smaller band sizes and larger cup sizes.

We’re creating clothes that feel like a second skin – because you deserve to feel great in your skin. After all, what you wear should enhance your journey, not hinder it. Ready to upgrade your top drawer and feel the Davy Piper difference for yourself?